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you can usually find me…

Reading self motivating books and obsess all things Harry Potter! Filling my home with plants, mostly cacti and succulents and if I am not home I am usually at Target or Homegoods for hours, tell my husband he can find me there if he loses me. Hiking, is ideal fun for me. Eating anything dark chocolate is my favorite snack. In the mornings I’m having a cup of tea, maybe two. I tend to wear stripes or all black outfits, here and there I might throw in a pop of color.

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My Life

A more personal note for my book worms out there.

I Love God, family, and every big or small blessing in my life . I’ve been married to my husband for half a decade and we recently became dog parents to a needy but extremely loving girl named Sage. (she is a rescue that has been through a lot).

I am as simple as simple is. I go for walks around botanical gardens & hike trails with Sage. Nature has always been a huge part of my life. You can always find me in a bush, up a tree , maybe on top of the hills singing “ The Sound of Music”, I’m kidding! If I did any of those things I would probably end up hurt lol It’s better for me to stay on paths!

My husband would say I obsess over my own garden, if I don’t have a camera in my hand I am covered with Succulents, dirt, & cactus needles instead . I love to the fullest and I am passionate about everything I do and everyone I come across .

enough about me!

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