Family Documentary Minis - a guide

with Brianna lee photography

No smiling at the camera, no posing, and most importantly, no pressure.


You're here because you booked a Family Documentary Mini session with me! Please read through this entire guide so that you are fully prepared for our short time together.

I. What should we do during our 20 minutes?

Number 1 question! What do we do?!

It's actually an easy answer - whatever YOU would normally do! These sessions are pure documentary which means 100% authentic. Ask yourself, "if a photographer wasn't here, would we actually be doing this?" Besides phones & tablets (leave those behind for the 20 min we are together), do what feels most natural to you whether we are outside or in. Here are some things I envision:

  • Gardening together
  • Playing in the yard
  • Water play of some sort (pool, sprinkler, water table, water balloons)
  • Having a summer treat (ice cream, watermelon, popsicles, etc)
  • Riding bikes/doing anything outside that you and your kids enjoy together
  • Bubbles, chalk, etc
  • Playing with toys indoors, reading books, getting snacks
  • Cuddles on the couch, doing art together, the list seriously goes on.

I don't want to tell you what to do, but I am here to discuss some ideas if you are still unsure! Remember, it is not the activity that I am there to document, it is the connection between your family. Shoot me a message if you want to confirm anything at all.

II. What should we wear?

This question has a VERY simple answer... EXACTLY what you would normally wear. Do not coordinate your family in neutrals, get your hair done and wear a long flowy dress (unless you actually wear this at home!). This is not a lifestyle session, we are not manufacturing moments and memories. We are here for the real life, the raw, the organic. So dress as you would, in something that makes you comfortable, in whatever your kids picked out that day. Let's be real.

III. How else can we prepare?

Be prepared to be indoors and outdoors, especially weather permitting.

Prepare your children by telling them that your friend Brianna (or Bri) is going to come over and hang out with her camera! Tell them that this time it is different, they will not ever be asked to look at the camera or smile.

Be prepared by making sure everyone in the family/everyone involved is "available" at the start of our time. I don't mean sitting around waiting for me to arrive, I mean that they are home, dressed for the day, and ready to hang out! My plan is to arrive 10 minutes early to able to introduce myself and allow the kiddos to interact with me a bit before I begin photographing.

One more thing...

20 minutes is SHORT.

Typical family documentary sessions are a minimum of 2 hours long. I offer 2, 4, and 8 hour sessions, as well as a Year In The Life package (6, 2 hour sessions throughout a 12 month period).

With that being said, these minis are meant to be just a taste of what a full documentary session with me will be like.

I am leaving a 10 minute buffer so that I can meet & greet each family, but remember - I am going to be driving from home to home with only a 30 minute buffer in between sessions. This allows me to fit in as many families as possible in the area! But with that being said, I absolutely LOVE spending time with my families, the more time the better and I LOVE the good conversation we often have as well. I don't like to be rushed or have anyone ever feel rushed.

SO... in order to make these 20 minute sessions work as best as they can, I reiterate what I said above - be ready to be photographed when I arrive because I plan to use every single possible second that I have with you. <3

That's IT!

We're keeping this very simple. I hope that after reading through this guide, you are even more excited!!

Please reach out ANY time to discuss your session or ask any questions at all.