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What is a lifestyle family session like with me? I'm glad you asked!

Being prepared mentally for a family session is just as important as what you choose to wear (and we all know how much thought goes into that -- more about that below!). I am going to go through my session process and give tips and tricks to be sure we are all on the same page come session day!

The Session

Lifestyle family sessions with me are a mix between posed portraits and lifestyle/documentary. I like to start my sessions with the "smile for the camera" shots and then continue to move into lifestyle/documentary. I do this by adding in some prompts that will evoke natural emotions and make for some loving, candid photos.

Something very important that I utilize during my sessions is MOVEMENT. During the session, I will "pose and prompt you" as well as encourage movement! For example, I may ask you to cuddle up with your family on the blanket, and then tickle! The movement will help to create real, candid moments. We will do some walking, dancing, and lots and lots of play!

When coming into the session, it is important to have an open mind and be as relaxed as you can be... I know that's way easier said than done when you may have three small children running around. But guess what? I want those kids to be crazy. I want them to be so comfortable around me that they act silly and show me their true smiles.

As parents, I want you to embrace the chaos.

Something that I often tell my clients is that EVERY session with little kids is chaotic. I know it can be hard to believe this sometimes based on the photos that you see but trust me. Those sweet moments between mama and her 2 year old baby boy look too good to be true, but I promise it was about 3 seconds of real time, haha! The chaos is always there, and that is what makes it so much fun.

Throw away the narrative that the kids need to "be good" during the session. What I really want, and you will too, is for them to "be themselves". My goal is to capture your family as you are in this season of life. I want to hear about what your kids' favorite things are, I want to hear about their favorite bedtime story and what sport they're playing, how their day was at school. I want them to gain my trust and by the end of the session, I will have captured so many natural smiles, organic moments, and beautiful images that last forever.

My families often leave sessions saying it was like a fun workout because we are constantly on the move! Think about it as a night out playing with your kids. Whether we are frolicking in a field of tall grass or walking around the rooftop of a city parking garage. I want to see you as you are right now.

So, let go of everything else going on in your world right now, and BE PRESENT.

The Outfits

This part either stresses you out or excites you... no matter which person you are, here are some helpful tips for dressing the family for your photos! And as always, message me to talk details! I am available to help coordinate down to every detail!

  • First things first, dress comfortable. The worst thing, and something that will truly hinder your ability to be natural, is to constantly be adjusting your outfit. Make sure whatever you choose to wear fits you and is easy to move around in!
  • No twins! Coordinate & compliment, no matching.
  • Limit the number of patterns. One pattern, whether it be a floral dress for Mom or a patterned skirt for daughter, is enough to set the color palette for the entire family.
  • Add textures and layers! Different fabrics, shirts with button embellishments, and if it's cold, adding scarves, hats, and shawls can add lots of interest and keep you warm as a bonus!
  • As for colors, sticking to earth tones and neutrals always photograph best and keeps everyone's skin tones in check.

Some things to avoid:

  • Tiny patterns, stripes
  • Shirts with texts or graphics
  • Bright, neon colors
  • Clothes that don't fit properly

Please visit my Pinterest Link for outfit inspo! This is primarily to show color palettes as I want you to wear clothes that feel most like yourselves!


  • How many photos will we receive?

The short answer is A LOT! I do not limit the number of images I deliver. I am what is called all inclusive. I want your gallery to tell a story. I hand pick and hand edit every single image for your gallery.

  • When will we receive our gallery?

Your digital gallery will be delivered to you via email 2-3 weeks after your session date.

  • Will you photoshop me?

I will not! I am happy to remove anything that will be gone in 2 weeks - noticeable pimples/bruises etc.

As a photographer, woman, and human, I am a huge advocate for body positivity. Normalizing ALL bodies is so important to me. Altering bodies, such as chins, bellies, arms, backs, etc goes against everything I believe in. Here is how I see it -- so many of us have a mom pooch (me), arm fat (!!), back rolls, cellulite, etc. Each time someone hides it/photoshops it and removes all of these beautiful, NORMAL things that makes us US, we fall further and further from being able to accept ourselves. Let's embrace our bodies and all parts of it! <3