i am so happy you are here :)

Hi it's me! The person obsessed with documenting your family and capturing your love. I created this guide to give you a head's up about how your in-home newborn lifestyle session will go down. Please take a moment with your partner and your morning coffee (or evening coffee, I'm not judging) and read about some things to expect & how to prepare.

I cannot thank you enough for choosing me to capture this insanely special and fast-moving time in your lives.

I cannot wait to meet you (if we haven't met yet) and your new little human. <3

Let's get started!

what to expect.

it's the little things

  • If you're already thinking, "how will I know what to do with my hands?" or anything close to that, do not worry! My sessions are 'lifestyle on the edge of documentary' which means I will guide you into the best light and capture organic moments shared together. I am not going to leave you hanging! I will instruct you as much as it's needed, and we can take as many breaks as anyone needs throughout our time together. Let's not forget you just had a baby like 10 minutes ago that is brand new to the world... things are wild!! I am here for you and ready to help in any way I can. <3

  • If you have a toddler/young child, show them my photo! Let them know that your friend Brianna (or Bri) is coming over to take pictures of your family. Don't make too big of a deal though, this will be casual and relaxed. The more comfortable they are with me, the better! Let's be real, a lot of toddlers do not like surprises. When I arrive, I always take a few minutes to focus on the young siblings to try and begin gaining their trust. I am very much aware that some toddlers want NOTHING to do with me when I arrive. But don't fret, we will get there naturally!

  • I will come into your home with my camera and a smile and that is it! No big equipment or lighting or anything extra. My goal is always to capture you and your family in the most natural way possible.

  • I would like to take a tour of your home once I arrive in order to create a 'plan of action'. The tour will allow me to scout the lighting in your home while I compose shots in my head. I will then go over the plan with everyone and we will begin!

  • Expect lots of cuddles! I am here to capture the love that is literally radiating from everyone in the room in the most natural way possible. I want you to be yourself while we all just gawk over how perfect the human you just made is. <3


what should we wear?

Dress mama first.

  • Make sure that you're wearing something that is comfortable, makes you feel confident, and is good for sitting, standing, laying, etc. Some ideas are:
  • Loose fitting, flowy maxi dresses
  • Comfortable jeans and a sweater
  • If you're nursing and want to do nursing shots, wear something that works for that as well.
  • Nursing bra, tank, cardigan over top.
  • Keep it classic and simple.

Wear neutrals & earth tones. Avoid bright colors, especially reds/oranges/yellows/pinks. Whatever color clothing we are all wearing will cast onto everyone's skin.

  • Beige, white, shades of blue, browns, greys, light colors.
  • Avoid busy stripes and patterns.
  • Avoid wording or large logos.

Dressing the baby (the star of the show!):

  • Neutrals & simple all around.
  • Plain, ribbed outfits are great in providing texture
  • Avoid busy stripes and patterns.
  • Multiple outfits are great but not necessary! Feel free to leave out a few options on the day of!
  • If baby enjoys being swaddled, have out a few swaddle blankets (not the velcro wrap ones, the plain old classic swaddle blanket).

Dressing your partner and siblings:

  • Coordinating but not matching. No twins ;-)
  • Comfortable and neutral! Slacks/jeans, nice t shirt or henley, sweaters, etc.

I am always here for a second pair of eyes! Take photos of all of the clothing options together and shoot me a text! If you're truly unsure where to start, let me know and I will help you find garments for each member of the family.


a little bit of that

  • Make sure everyone's outfits fit before the shoot. Especially baby. We all know how clothing sizes vary so much between brands so remember not to assume before it's too late!

  • Tidy up, but pretty please do not go crazy. I am here to say that it is okay if a house looks lived in!! If you want to do it up and have the energy, go for it. But please do not start reorganizing or spend too much time on the house. Tidy up the normal stuff. I will be there to move anything out of the way from a coffee tumbler to a coffee table :).

  • If baby needs to be changed or fed during the session or just needs a break, that is what we will do. I am in no rush. I will document as we go and capture the moments as they unfold. I will always be there to give direction and keep the session running smoothly.

that's it!

Thank you so much for reading through my guide! I hope this helps you get a feel of how our session will go! If you ever have any questions at all, please reach out at any time!

Thank You

see you there <3

that's it!

Thank you so much for reading through my guide! I hope this helps you get a feel of how our session will go! If you ever have any questions at all, please reach out at any time!

Thank You

see you there <3