Photo Books

a stunning keepsake Uniquely designed by Brianna lee photography

An effortless way to have your memories right in front of you, all in one place.

I am a storyteller.

I want you to flip through your photo book and with each page, be brought back to this season of life. I love finding unique ways to display your images through these books. Designing them brings me so much joy and I strive for you to feel that same thing when looking through them, and much more.

Imagine in a few years from now... 10 years, say. When your kids are TEN years older... I know. As a mom myself, the thought is absolutely bizarre. But stay with me and imagine your kid picks up this book, as a young teen, & you see them starting to flip through the pages and you join them. Reliving the day together, probably laughing, smiling, maybe even shedding some tears. My heart bursts just thinking about it.

We hear this all of the time, but time truly is a thief. Let this book be a way to go back, reconnect, and remember... together. It is not comparable to having an old memory pop up on your phone. It's not the same as going through your digital photos and swiping away. This is raw, real, and in your hands. There is truly nothing better than holding your images close to you. It comes with its own emotions, something that cannot be beat.

How to Order


Starting at $275+ NJ sales tax.

High quality, lay flat, hard cover books.

10 inches by 10 inches, beautiful square shape, the perfect coffee table size with a 20-page spread.

So now you're wondering, how do I order?

Firstly, you should email me, text me, DM me, however you want to get my attention to let me know you want to order!

I will ask you to pick your favorite 20 images that you absolutely want included in the book and I will take the reins from there (my favorite part <3).

Photo books take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to be designed, completed and delivered.

These can be done from any session you've ever had with me; it does not have to be recent. If you'd like more than one book (multiple of the same session or of different sessions), a discount will be applied.

Let's discuss yours <3